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Couple Counselling

Do you feel you no longer know your partner?

Have you lost contact with the feelings your relationship once evoked?

Does it seem you're drifting apart?

Are you considering separating?

‘Relationship therapy’ or ‘couple counselling’ puts your relationship at the centre of the therapy and becomes the focus of the work each of us does in the session. The relationship becomes the ‘client’.

To start our work I usually suggest a short-term contract of 4 to 6 sessions.

The objective of here is for you to identify and agree what the issues are.

Next we decide what it is you want from counselling and what you are willing to do to achieve this.

The final stage in the short-term work is to put the changes into practice and evaluate their success.

Following the initial contract, you may want to extend into medium-term work of 10 to 18 sessions. The focus here is looking at ways in which your relational styles may complement or sabotage a successful relationship and to develop new ways that support the relationship. 

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